Pregnant women, however, are typically excluded from clinical trials and therefore evidence about the safety of many asthma medicines when used during pregnancy is sparse. In an article recently published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice , Charlton and colleagues report on a study looking at the safety of the ICS fluticasone propionate FP , when prescribed for the treatment of asthma during pregnancy. The study compared the risk of a major congenital malformation MCM in the offspring of women who received a prescription for fluticasone propionate during the first trimester of pregnancy to the risk in the offspring of women who received a prescription for a different ICS during the same time period. The analyses were stratified by asthma treatment intensity level and took into account other factors which could have influenced the risk. The study identified 5, pregnancies, during which the mother had received a prescription for an ICS during the first trimester of pregnancy and were eligible for the analysis of an MCM diagnosed by one year of age. ... Read More
Do you know someone who is fighting brain cancer, or are you a brain cancer warrior yourself? Custom wristbands from AmazingWristbands. May is National Brain Tumor Awareness month, and the recognized awareness color for brain cancer is gray. A brain tumor occurs when an abnormal mass of tissue grows and multiply uncontrollably in the brain. Brain tumors put pressure on the brain and interrupt normal brain functions. ... Read More
Antibodies are proteins produced by your body when you have an infection and they help fight infection. If you are infected with HIV, your body makes very specific antibodies to fight the infection. The HIV antibodies are different from antibodies for the flu, hepatitis, or other infections. The only exception to this applies to infants born to HIV-infected mothers; infants can receive HIV antibodies from their infected mothers that stay in their system for as long as 18 months. In a very small number of people, the process takes up to 6 months. ... Read More
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