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All Photos by Clarrisa Wei. A year ago, Eve Teo came to Taiwan for a visit and walked into Loveboat because she wanted to buy a rainbow flag. Loveboat is a lesbian specialty store; an eclectic space stocked with clothes, sex toys, and books. A cafe sits at the front complete with a couch flanked by a grand rainbow flag. Little did Teo know, the visit would change her life. ... Read More
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In the wake of the Orlando shootings, the AR and weapons like it are in the spotlight because, once again, a semi-automatic rifle was used in the shooting. But there is also a technical distinction between an assault weapon and the "semi-automatic rifles" which the gun advocates want you to know about. I will quote the Blaze here, so as to not be called "gun grabber" or be accused of any bias in my definition:. An AR is the civilian equivalent to the military's M So what's the difference? ... Read More
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This sentiment of men becoming defensive and angry upon being rejected runs deep -- many women wrote in with similar stories to these. Upon rejection, men react with hostility and an overt misogyny, expressing an unbridled anger at being rebuffed. Their first response is to shame the woman, usually on their own bodies and sexuality, Local Sluts Free as these are the only attributes that these men appear to value in girls. Once they are sufficiently 'groomed,' the victim is tested. This could be for a child's birthday present, to help an elderly relative, or to get a car fixed. ... Read More