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Closet nudists Closet nudists 1 min read
This can go without saying by leaving your windows open. Today, I went for a walk with my neighbor and his dog to get out of the house. Virtual relationships do not consistently take a pleasant part on your head in relations to your sanity. So, I began going for walks with my neighbor to walk his dog around the neighborhood. While doing so, I find it entertaining to talk about what I do on our social network. ... Read More
Hetero diels alder Hetero diels alder 1 min read
In organic chemistry , the Diels—Alder reaction is a chemical reaction between a conjugated diene and a substituted alkene , commonly termed the dienophile also spelled dieneophile [1] , to form a substituted cyclohexene derivative. It is the prototypical example of a pericyclic reaction with a concerted mechanism. It was first described by Otto Diels and Kurt Alder in For the discovery of this reaction, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in Through the simultaneous construction of two new carbon—carbon bonds, the Diels—Alder reaction provides a reliable way to form six-membered rings with good control over the regio- and stereochemical outcomes. ... Read More
Maryland monro tits Maryland monro tits 1 min read
Before Kim Kardashian , Kendall Jenner , Bella Hadid , and literally every other celebrity in were freeing their nipples, the women of Old Hollywood had it covered. Or rather, uncovered. As we all know, nipples are nothing to be ashamed of and everyone has them, so all the high fives to these throwback stars—from Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth. This particular image was taken in —again, a pretty conservative time. British singer Marianne Faithfull freed the nipple in a lovely floral blouse that we can definitely see the likes of Gigi and Bella wearing circa right now. ... Read More
Crispins spanking Crispins spanking 1 min read
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Every woman knows only too well the tyranny of the modern-day beauty regime. After all, the average female is said to spend nearly two years days during her lifetime exfoliating, shaving, waxing and plucking her body to perfection. A new trend may be taking our pursuit of hairlessness to extremes, however. Arm shaving - of the upper and forearms, rather than the armpit - is on the rise. Beauty experts have reported a soaring demand for arm hair removal services, from waxing to de-fuzzing with lasers, and in a recent global survey, ... Read More