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At its longest, it ran for seven-and-a-half hours [2] and could be considered the analog prelude to the mash-up videos and supercut edits now prevalent on digital platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Elements of several features are revisited throughout the movie as recurrent, serialized comic motifs. Among these serialized movies in the longer-form version was College Confidential , Speed Crazy , Earth vs. Bizarre non sequitur elements are featured in between the recurrent narrative vignettes, including strange advertisements and educational films. The film was designed to be a free-flowing, communal audience experience. ... Read More
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The father of teen superstar Miley Cyrus has claimed that the Disney show Hannah Montana wrecked his family. Billy Ray Cyrus spoke out after a string of scandals sullied the once-wholesome image of his multi-millionaire daughter, who is now Brave face: Miley pictured out with her mother today, going for lunch at Bea Bea's in Burbank, California. She was caught smoking a bong earlier this year. The year-old singer — who had a huge British hit in with Achy Breaky Heart — said he wished the Disney show had never happened. ... Read More
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As outlined in the general discussion of customer satisfaction , consumers compare their initial expectations of likely value against their perception of the actual value they received when they purchased or consumed the product or service. Because consumers are comparing two aspects prior expectations to actual delivery they are essentially confirming or disconfirming how well the organization has delivered. In services marketing textbooks, this process is described as the Disconfirmation Model of Customer Satisfaction. The organization has significant control over the first two inputs communications and brand image and, therefore, attempt to build strong, positive but realistic expectations of the firm and its offerings to potential customers that is, its target market. Their effectiveness in this regard is impacted by the quality and consistency of their communications program, as well as by their total level of promotional spend and their share-of-voice relative to their direct competitors. ... Read More
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But on a political level, the floor fight over it was nasty, brutish and relatively short — just over an hour — ending in a nearly perfect party-line vote. Two Democrats voted "no," and one independent, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, an independent who left the GOP essentially in protest over his party's allegiance to Trump , voted in favor. Pelosi said Thursday that lawmakers are called upon to "protect and defend the Constitution" so that "no president, no matter whoever he or she may be in the future, could decide that Article II says they can do whatever they want. Republicans chose to play defense by going on offense. ... Read More
Data from an eight-year survey of college students at Rochester Institute of Technology indicates that Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are 1. Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. Their abusive partners may take away their communication devices. Their abusive partners may give false information to the victim to make them believe they have fewer options. The victim may be isolated from family, friends, services, resources and options. ... Read More