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For over 50 years, Hoekstra has assisted schools in meeting their busing needs with flexible, forward-thinking solutions. Hoekstra customizes high efficiency Sprinter Vans to fit an array of applications for contractors, expediters, and luxury transportation. Michigan's largest Freightliner Sprinter sales and service center. From fleet to functionality, Hoekstra Transportation is your full-solution commercial shuttle partner. Hoekstra's portfolio of offerings to better serve the mobility segment includes a full line-up of commercial vehicles, from lowered floor accessible mini vans to heavy duty city transit buses. ... Read More
Since our tannery has offered experienced wholesale hide tanning services, specifically for licensed taxidermists, on all varieties of species. We are proud to be one of the few tanneries in the Midwest, even in the United States, to be USDA approved to receive hide shipments from all over the world. As a taxidermist, you want a tannery with experienced shavers and a quality tanned hide that gets back to you promptly. Having us meet your deadlines ensures that you will have adequate time to meet the needs of your customers. As an example, we recently have doubled our tanning capacity here to decrease our turnaround time. ... Read More
HIV is a virus that targets and alters the immune system, increasing the risk and impact of other infections and diseases. However, modern advances in treatment mean that people living with HIV in countries with good access to healthcare very rarely develop AIDS once they are receiving treatment. The life expectancy of a person who carries the HIV virus is now approaching that of a person that tests negative for the virus, as long as they adhere to a combination of medications called antiretroviral therapy ART on an ongoing basis. A Kaiser Permanente study in suggested that between and , the gap in life expectancy between people who are HIV positive and HIV negative closed from 44 years to 12 years. These are white blood cells that move around the body, detecting faults and anomalies in cells as well as infections. ... Read More
The very first computer versions of strip poker were rather poor due to the technical limitations of PCs during that time. The status quo in the adult games genre changed in as Torquemada Games introduced its Video Strip Poker. They focused special attention and effort on introducing features that were difficult to implement or completely ignored before. The game offered a big video screen with near DVD video quality and life-like hot girls. This game became a great success all over the world due to these revolutionary innovations. ... Read More
Doctors can take a vaginal pH measurement to determine how acidic the vaginal environment is. It is also possible to test this at home. A normal vaginal pH is between 3. A pH level within this range can help to keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay. Lactobacilli bacteria live in the vagina and secrete lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which give the vagina its acidic pH level. ... Read More